The urology clinic at the Canadian Medical Center offers the best and most up to date services to its valued patients. It is run by qualified urologists with advanced training and certifications from world class international centers and fellowships like MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) and the society of Genitourinary reconstructive surgeons (GURS). Dr.Saad Aldousari, Dr.Faisal Alhajeri and Dr. Mohammad Al Ghanem offer detailed assessment and treatment for our valued patients with any urological conditions using cutting edge technology and state of the art surgical procedures like robotic surgery for urological cancers and congenital malformations, reconstructive surgery for urethral stricture disease, kidney, ureter, and bladder stone surgery.

What is robotic surgery?
Robotic assisted prostatectomy is a way of doing surgery for prostate cancer. It is a type of keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery. It is also called da Vinci surgery. A surgeon does the surgery but uses a special machine (robot) to help. It is not available at all cancer hospitals in the UK. We don't yet know whether robotic assisted surgery is better than other types of surgery for prostate cancer or whether it is cost effective. You have robotic assisted surgery in an operating theatre under a general anaesthetic. Doctors need to have special training before they can carry out this type of surgery. It involves 2 machines. The patient unit and the control unit.

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