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Violet Beauty Unit

Violet Beauty Unit


HD Golden Ratio

New technology HD are available exclusively in Violet beauty unit, that’s why we treat beauty with a scientific way to get a precise result. our artistic doctors will find the optimal proportions that apply to various aesthetic and restorative procedures, based on the achievement of natural result we mix art with science and look for a balance between all the ingredients, to achieve the harmony of all parts, you will be amazed by the results.

Programs Makeover - Get Your Right Package

Our Programs are customized to each person; the team of doctors Violet, composed of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and technicians, will make a diagnosis for each case and the adequate plan to detect all the steps to be done by a scientific way. This allows us to predict more the result of a very precise way using advanced techniques like Vectra 3d camera. The program can include surgical or nonsurgical procedures, and every step will be mentioned before starting. Most of our machines and injections are FDA Approved for the safety of our patients


  • Medical Microdermabrasion

  • Filler

  • Mesotherapy

  • Chemical & Bio Peeling

  • Face Surgeries

  • Clinical Dermatology

  • Botox

  • Body Surgeries


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