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Q. Can I have my surgeries combined?
There are many advantages to combining your plastic surgeries. One big advantage is the
saving of money, time and recovery downtime.
We offer a discount on any second or third procedure done at the same time as the first
procedure. Your Operation fees and anesthetist fees will also be less if you combine your
Many significant weight loss patients could have combined operations, like Rhinoplasty and
Breast augmentation.
One of our advantages in having a team of specialist plastic surgeons is that they can work
together at the same time to perform different plastic surgery procedures. For example, you
could have face, body and breast work done in combination. This speeds up the operation,
lowering risk, reducing your time under general anesthetic and gets a better outcome.
Q. I thought silicone breast implants were in danger of leaking, so why are they still used?
Q. How long should I wait after finishing breastfeeding before having Breast Surgery?
Q. Will my breast surgery affect breastfeeding later in life?
Q. How many nights should I spend in hospital?
Q. What are the possible side effects, complications and risks of the surgery?
Q. When can I start exercising after my procedure?
Q. How much time will I need to be off work after surgery?
Q. I have had a face-lift, but now my hands don't match. What can I do?
Q. If I have fat removed through liposuction, will it reappear elsewhere?
Q. After repeated Botox injections, will facial muscles ever lose the ability to frown?

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