We believe that the best is not an option, but it is necessary, guaranteeing safety, control, speed, and efficiency in the same environment, we need Quality without compromise, That’s why we dedicate to our patients our new OT, which is a new step to accompany them to make their experience with us a real success story in complete safety.


ENT operations

  1. Endoscopic septoplasty
  2. Endoscopic turbinoplasty
  3. Adenoidectomy surgery
  4. Tonsillectomy surgery
  5. Tympanoplasty surgery
  6. Rhinoplasty
  7. Navigation System
  8. Face surgeries
  9. Neck surgeries

Plastic Surgery operations

  1. Face lift surgery
  2. Lipofilling
  3. Mini breast lift
  4. Breast augmentation
  5. Mastopexy augmentation
  6. Clef lift repair
  7. Blepharoplasty
  8. Prominent ear
  9. Scar revision
  10. Thigh lift transverse
One Day Surgery Center

It’s a multi-specialty private medical center that offers expert service in key areas of healthcare. Located in the heart of Kuwait, it is easily accessible while offering a quiet, welcoming and a comfortable haven away from the bustle of the city. It also has suites to welcome patients in a luxurious and special environment.