Dermatology & Skin Care


If the Skin is not cared for, your skin will get mad at you "-Park Min Young
Ah, beauty. what a wonderful power to possess everything. Without It, life would indeed be dull.

Don't miss your chance, show your beauty with our experienced team and ultra-modern equipment Make every service at CMC your success story

This department includes the following services:
  1. Medical Microdermabrasion
  3. Mesotherapy
  4. Chemical Peeling
  5. Laser Hair Removal
  6. Clinical Dermatology
  7. Electrosurgery
  8. Hydrafacial cleansing and moisturizing
  9. Cryotherapy
  10. BOTOX
  11. Face tightening and neck lifting by Ulthera
Unique Methods in Dermatology and Skin Care unit
Dr Roua Alhamdani
Dr. Roua Alhamdani presents the services offered in its department within the Canadian medical center, as well as high-tech equipment. this new generation of methods applied in CMC is the first and the unique in Kuwait, these methods do not rely on machines but rather on the combination of tools and know-how in order to obtain high-definition results on the skin.