• What is the new in fillers injection? +

    The use of coding system that correlates between the patient's need and the doctor's examination to enhance natural beauty of the face and remove the sad, tired and aged look of the face
  • How does this system works? +

    Filler injection in every point in the face has its unique effect. Injection of some points relieve tired look while injection of others causes lifting effect. Therefore, the doctor can combine the points assigned by the patient complain and those detected by him to give the best effect
  • Is their other benefit of this system? +

    Yes, it can allow the doctor to do his best according to the budget of the patient. We can start by injecting points that give more than one effect and then go to other points and so on
  • Is there any other way rather than surgery for facial lifting? +

    Absolutely yes; the ULTHERAPY is the most recent technology for facial lifting using ultrasound waves, ULTHERA nowadays is used worldwide for non-surgical facial lifting.
  • What is the suitable age to start having Botox injection? +

    Recent studies showed that injecting Botox as early as twenty years of age is a good guard against wrinkles, u may not see your wrinkles growing up with you!!
  • Is there any way for natural rejuvenation and and anti-aging measures? +

    sunblocks lot of waters Less sweets PRP (platelet rich plasma) which is the best natural anti-aging procedure.
  • What is Otitis Media with effusion? +

    OME is one of most common causes of hearing loss in children, it is collection of fluid in middle ear Space. This occur purely from Flu attach, parental smoking and adenoid enlargement Management is medical or surgical according to the case.
  • What is Sinusitis? +

    The Sinuses are small cavities in the skull that are normally filled with air. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue the lines these cavities. Symptoms are nasal blockage, nasal discharge, headache, Management is medical or surgical.
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