Nose Standards

Harmony facial parts

The face Must be divided into three equal parts; these parts are:

  • From the hairline to the eyebrows
  • From the eyebrows to the bottom of the nose
  • The bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin

One-third of the lower face Can be divided in another way , the nose to the top of the upper lip should form one-third of these terms, if equally no facial composition according to the two -thirds , the beauty of the person affected by it.

The relationship between the nose and lips and chin

If you draw a horizontal line on the face so that extends from the bottom of the eye to the cavity ear and then draw a line vertically above the transverse line so that it is a vertical line above the upper lip , the lower lip should be behind this line is located about 2 millimeters , and chin when men must be parallel to the lip.

Deviation nose

Must be fully nose is located on the line connecting the middle of the front to the center.

The relationship between the nose and the eyes

Imagine a curved line extending from the end of the eyebrow to the middle of the nose, this line must be bent and not broken.

Nose Width

Nose width ( from outside of each nostril to the other ) must be equal to the distance between the inner corners of the eyes , the bridge of the nose should be 80% of the display base of the nose.

The bottom of the nose

The size of the sinuses must be bigger twice than the distance between the nasal cavities to the end.

Nose height

Nose height is the distance between the tip of the nose and face, it must constitute almost 67% of the length of the nose.

Behind the nose

If we draw a line from the base of the nose to the tip, the lower part of the nose should be located 2 millimeters ahead of this line in women, while men must be located on the line.

The angle between the nose and lips

The angle between the line that connects the ups and downs of the nasal cavity and the vertical line on the upper lip angle between the lip and nose, should be 95-100 when women and 90-95 degrees in men.