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Established in 2008, Canadian Medical Center brings to the community of Kuwait a, the best in the professional medical expertise and technological development, providing a quality health services based on international requirements and standards. Our center is equipped with state of the art equipment and is supported by personal of compassionate attention, skilled and experienced clinical team of physicians, Technicians, assistants and nurse clinicians to provide the timeliest, accurate and cost effective medical diagnosis and treatment. Coupling its state of the art equipment and experienced physicians with virtually every medical expertise, treatment and diagnosis tool, CMC minimize the need to travel overseas to receive treatments and take full responsibility in fulfilling their performance as per client's satisfaction. Over long years of experience and a dedicated professional team, we at the Canadian Medical Center, are strongly moving forward in becoming one of the top health services provider in the health industry in Kuwait.

Mission Statement

To provide Safe environment, Quality, Compassionate and Affordable healthcare services.

Our Goal

Our Primary goal is to be Kuwait's leader in patient experience, Health care, clinical outcomes And education. Through continually maintain the highest standard of quality and improvements in All aspect that is driven by our values

our goal


Our Primary Values are:

  • Caring +

    Providing special care and diligence for the patients to meet their needs and help them and provide utmost medicine care
  • Teamwork +

    We work in an environment of understanding and co-operation between our doctors, employees and all those who work in our
  • Discipline +

    We follow discipline instructions, maintenance and hard work which are the basis of any successful business and this is what
  • Efficiency +

    Is a gift which the worker must be characterized by to be always to the responsibility and has the necessary
  • Respect +

    To respect our patients and their privacy, which is the main aspect of our success
  • Excellence +

    Constant development, constant training, and being up to date with all what is new in our field is the secret
  • Safety +

    Following all safety aspects for the sake of our patients.
  • Professionalism +

    It helps to create connection and understanding between patients
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